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A Tent Rental Can Save your Outdoor Party


Holding an outdoor party is an inexpensive way to gather together with family and friends and an excellent way to expand the guest list if desired. As a host, you try to plan for every contingency, but the one thing you can’t control is Mother Nature. The weather in South Florida has a way of changing quickly from scorching hot to drippy wet.

A tent rental can save an outdoor party from a weather disaster. Each tent will be able to accommodate a maximum number of individuals. Just be sure that you rent a tent that’s large enough to shelter everyone, or multiple tents if the guest list is large to prevent a feeling of claustrophobia.


A warm day is ideal for a party, but the hot sun beating down relentlessly is detrimental to the very young, the elderly, and those with chronic medical conditions. It’s really not fun for anyone else, either. A tent provides much needed shade to aid in preventing sunburn and sunstroke.


Even if the sun isn’t beating down on attendees, the type of extreme heat, combined with humidity, can result in a variety of illnesses. In hot, humid weather the body often has difficulty cooling itself despite frequent hydration. Statistics from the CDC show that 700 people die each year from heat-related conditions.

Higher temperatures also result in elevated ozone levels and that directly affects air quality and the ability to breathe. Additionally, the sun’s UV rays easily penetrate even dense cloud cover to cause a nasty sunburn.


A rainstorm can arrive quickly and with little warning. Renting a tent provides guests with a ready-made shelter from unexpected precipitation and the wind that often accompanies a storm. Be sure to obtain a tent that has sides that can be unfurled. Those sides will prevent rain from blowing into the tent and getting guests wet. When the storm abates, the sides can be rolled back up to let any breeze to blow through.

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