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Fun on the Road

Road trips can be a lot of fun, but they also present a challenge in terms of keeping kids entertained. There are dozens of miniature, magnetic versions of popular board games and card games. There’s also the indispensable coloring book, but they can only distract for so long. Don’t be afraid to use electronic devices to keep kids occupied. The following are some popular ways to keep kids of any age occupied on a road trip.


From beneath the ocean to outer space, miniature LEGO® kits are available for any interest. They take up little space, provide hours of fun, and teach kids a variety of skills while they’re assembling the project. It’s helpful to place them in an inexpensive plastic box to keep track of the pieces.


Some vehicles are equipped with backseat screens and entertainment systems that can essentially transform them into a rolling movie theater. Systems can also be bought separately and installed in vehicles. To complete the effect, pack appropriate snacks for the kids to munch while they view the films.

Tablets and Kindles

Download games, educational apps, or books to a tablet for on-the-road fun. There are options for youngsters of all age groups, ensuring that everyone has age appropriate entertainment. Kindles and similar devices are excellent for downloading books, along with read aloud selections for younger kids.

Traditional Road Games

These include looking for and tallying license plates from different states or being the first to spot a specific item along the way.

Be Prepared

Be sure to plan ahead for bathroom breaks. It’s also a good idea to bring a Frisbee or ball for children to play with during rest stops so they can really stretch their legs and get some exercise. Don’t forget backseat organizers – they provide a place for kids to put all their amusements and snacks, and some include cup holders.

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