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TV’s Influence on Bounce Houses

Shows such as Wipeout and American Ninja Warrior have stolen the hearts of both athletes and enthusiasts throughout the country. Long after shows like these are gone, another form of competing will appear. These shows have great influence on the inflatable rental business since so many people love the obstacle course themes. Not only are these a great way to entertain your guests, they’re an excellent resource for aerobics and cardio activity making them the ideal athletic pastime. Take a look at this blog to learn more.
The physical and mental limits are tested on shows such as Spartan Race where the contestants test their agility by participating in this intense obstacle course. They even have a kids race where children compete to finish the race. The kids set goals and then perform by running, jumping and crawling through mud. Sounds like every day, huh? The Spartan Race is a great way for kids to get into shape and gain self-esteem.
Don’t flip through the channels too fast, or you might miss it! is a new site that offers several obstacle course races for you to become familiar. Err on caution as they take obstacle courses seriously on this site. Man-made waterslides, rope climbing and plenty of crawling is what you’ll catch as these mega-athletes compete.
“Wipeout” stole the hearts of the nation when it was first introduced in 2008. Since its inception people have been entertained by watching people dodge giant orbs balls and running all kinds of challenging courses. Our Wipeout Bounce Course offers a similar challenge. The ABC show is undoubtedly missed since its completion in 2014.
Of course, NBC got on board with American Ninja Warrior which proves to be a big hit today. The sports entertainment business continues to delight viewers in South Florida across the US. A spin off of the Japanese show “Sasuke”, this is show where athletes of all types compete to complete the many challenges of the obstacle course to the finish line.
With all the craze going on with these shows it’s pretty safe to assume we enjoy watching the obstacle course activity. The other point to make is that these courses are for strengthening and showing ones’ agility. No matter what the age, or the athletic level this type of sports entertainment is for certain, we love to watch.
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