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No Pool? Rent A Waterslide For Your Little Ones

Summer is here, time to invite friends over and throw that pool party for the little ones. Oh, wait, you don’t have a pool? That should not be a problem because we have tons of waterslides you can choose from to rent. We have some of the biggest and tallest waterslides in South Florida, however, these may be a little intimidating for your little ones. This summer, you can provide some fun in the water for your little ones with one of our fantastic smaller waterslides.

We have a wide variety of water slides for all ages, but here are a few that are great fun for the little ones;

  1. The Elite Slide

This slide is just the right size for a kiddie party in your backyard. It has an easy to climb ladder at the back, which goes right to the top of the 13-foot slide. Nothing will stifle the little squeals and giggles of delight as your little party goers slide down this slide and land safely in a little pool of water right at the bottom of the slide. This little pool also creates a cool splashing area for the little ones if they want to take a break from all the climbing and sliding.

  1. The Super Splash Water Slide

This 20 ft waterslide comes with a great feature; you can customize it for your party! Yes, that’s right! Besides having a 20-foot slide that ends in a big pool, you can add features that are part of the theme of your party. How cool is that!

  1. The Thunder Storm

A waterslide whose bigger version is aptly named the “Ultimate Storm”. This waterslide not only fits easily in your backyard, it features a ladder at the back of the wide lane water slide. You and your guests will have a thunderous time sliding down this water slide that ends up in a nice splash at the bottom.

  1. Lightning Storm

Who’s up for some two-lane waterslide action? This is what the “Lightning Storm” promises to add to your backyard party fun. Not only does it have a hooded cover at the top for safety, “Lightning Storm” promotes friendly competition as well as a colorful theme to your party with its vibrant, warm and cool colors.

  1. Volcano w/ Pool

This water slide stands at a towering 18 feet of sliding fun, which ends with a great feature; a detachable pool! Your party will take your guests to the lava mountains of Hawaii with the opportunity to climb to the top of our Volcano waterslide and whoosh down into the decent sized pool at the bottom.

  1. Surf’s Up

“Surf’s Up” is a fantastic waterslide for added backyard fun to your outdoor party this summer. The slide couples climbing up a double lane at the back with a whooshing slide down a double lane slide at the front. Who said you can’t have some surfing fun right in your backyard?

For these and other fantastic and fun waterslides that can fit in your backyard, you can contact us today. We have all types and different sizes of waterslides to add all that pizzazz to your party and outdoor event even if you don’t have a pool. In fact, once you experience our slides, you will be glad you don’t have a pool!

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