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Catering Ideas to Make Your Event Memorable

Buffet-style catering is by far the most popular idea for informal social parties. It’s also great for DIY people that enjoy cooking and the clean-up is fairly quick and easy. There are four basic types of catering – wedding, corporate, social and concession. Working with a professional caterer eliminates stress and they have multiple menus and options from which to choose.

The type of catering will obviously depend on the guests and the specific reason for the event. A full-service professional caterer does more than simply deliver the food. They also serve it in an appealing way and provide the table service, along with tables, seating and décor. In many instances, a caterer can also book a special venue and provide entertainment if desired.

Backyard BBQ

There are caterers that can actually roast a pig or side of beef in the client’s backyard. BBQ style events typically have a western theme, but can also take on an international flavor.


Bring on the tiki torches and mocktails. A tropical themed event can incorporate a variety of elements and dishes from multiple island nations.


Individuals can let their imaginations run wild with a retro party. Catering can accommodate food and décor from the 1920s to visions of ancient Egypt. A retro party can include themes from movies and TV shows.


Believe it or not, toga parties are still in style. They don’t emulate the sense of a frat house as in popular movies, instead exuding a sense of the opulence and decadence of Rome.

Clean Eating

Fresh, locally sourced menus take center stage to highlight these events. They feature menus that can be served in various ways and fit in with virtually any décor or theme.


For those that prefer an international touch, caterers can take a page from the Scottish Highlands, Bollywood and Paris to Britain’s royalty, a Brazilian carnival or Mexican fiesta.

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