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Best Kid-Friendly Apps for 2017

Take a look at the Google Store or iTunes, and you’ll soon realize there’s an app for just about anything. You’ll certainly never run out of apps to select when it comes to parents and adults. But, for 2017 we found some of the best ‘kid-friendly’ apps for your child to enjoy.

The Toca Life Vacation App is available for iPad, iPhone and Android devices. What’s cute about this interactive game is it allows your child to take a vacation and travel to different destinations and includes plenty of touch screen activity such as changing clothing, emptying luggage and a ton of other fun stuff. This app isn’t free but can be purchased for a flat fee. This one is super cute and guaranteed to keep kids entertained for hours.

Duck, Duck, Moose has plenty of learning apps that allow kids to interact with puzzles for everything from learning new vocabulary to games like “PuzzlePop.” These types of games are fantastic for hand to eye coordination as well as memory skills. Just about any of their apps are sure to be a winner for your son or daughter.

Who doesn’t love Angry Birds? We just think the little piggies and all the fun graphics are a hoot! Again, these types of games promote hand to eye coordination as well as memory and depth of perception if you want to get technical. All we know is both kids, and grown-ups love this app!

This app is a little on the steep side as far as price goes, but it’s a great one for teaching kids their multiplication tables in fun and easy to learn menu. If you’re son or daughter is having a difficult time remembering their time’s tables then this app might help as it’s rap for kids that’s friendly and clean. The music helps them learn through a different channel of their cognition.

PBS Kids app is another learning tool that allows your child to brush up on skills like spelling and even science. There are mixed reviews that had to do with upgrading that seem to have been fixed now, and the app is FREE, so it’s worth a try.

Bounce House Arrow is another great game where the kids have to bounce a ball to a victory line. Not as much fun as renting one of our monster bounce houses or waterslides. But hey, it’s still a good time for kids of all ages when they’re bored.

These are a few of the best apps we could recommend for 2017. Let us know what apps your kids love by leaving us a comment.

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