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Budget Birthday Planning

A budget when it comes to your child’s birthday party seems like a very good idea. Parents seem to go overboard for their kids especially for their birthday. But you can easily rack up some unwanted debt if you don’t set a budget.  Here are some tips to help you plan.


Make a list of everything you can think of that is a priority for your family to have fun. Pinterest is a great resource and has many has checklists that are extremely helpful.


Tablecloths can easily be made with giant rolls of paper or hit up the dollar store. Don’t get the most expensive plates and plastic ware; they are most likely getting thrown out at the end anyways. A cute way to make dollar store plastic-ware more expensive is to line a small basket with a decorative napkin and place the forks and spoons in there. No one will guess you spent your money on dollar store silver.


Snacks and finger foods are great crowd pleasers. Cheese and crackers, chips and dip, chicken wings, and juice boxes are great ideas.  Set your food budget and hit the big box stores for deals on quantity snacks and appetizers for large groups.


Capture the event using your smartphone. No need for a photographer! Use a selfie stick if you have one, make sure the phone is turned sideways on not up and down, and take the same picture multiple times. These things will help you stay focused.


Keep decorations simple.  Use lots of colors, get some balloons, set up streamers and go to town. Kids aren’t interested in this type of thing. But, you can make it look festive even with a couple of bucks.


If you can save on everything above maybe you want to spend the bulk of your budget on the entertainment. This is what the kids remember and enjoy most. A bounce house is a great addition to any birthday and there many to fit a variety of birthday budgets.

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