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Trendy Kid Costumes for 2019

Kids love the candy collected during trick-or-treating and half the fun of Halloween is dressing up as their favorite personalities from TV, movies, books and video games. Trendy costumes for 2019 encompass everything from digital characters to witches, but these aren’t the traditional “dark” characterizations of decades past.

Today’s costumes incorporate glamor, glitz, sparkles, glow-in-the-dark features, and even lights. The following kid costumes are some of the trendiest for the 2019 Halloween season.

Emmet from The LEGO Movie 2 – The construction worker and Master Builder has struck a chord with kids. The upbeat character is an ordinary guy that’s destined to become a hero.

Jasmine from Aladdin – The release of the live-action Aladdin movie starring Will Smith as the genie has rekindled interest in Princess Jasmine and all the Aladdin characters.

Pikachu – The digital character is the star of video games and movies, and the lovable Pokémon continues to be popular with the younger set.

Sharks – Kids of all ages are fascinated with the deep water fish. This year’s costumes are available for the “Baby Shark” generation to older kids.

Simba from the Lion King – Designed for younger kids, the character captured a new generation of fans with the release of the digitally animated, musical version of the original film.

Super Mario – The charismatic plumber is one of the first characters to which kids are introduced in video games and his popularity continues.

Wednesday Addams – The release of The Addams Family movie has brought the wackiness of the 1960s original TV series back in an animated form.

Wonder Woman – Girl power is alive and well and kids are flocking to Wonder Woman costumes. Complete with tiara, the costume allows girls to be powerful heroes.

The trendy kid costumes for 2019 have been influenced by films, unlike many of the costumes in the past. No matter what costume children choose for trick-or-treating, the most important aspect of Halloween festivities is staying safe.

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