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Favorite Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Some Christmas decorations are perennial favorites and seem to appear in everyone’s yard each year. Inflatables have become one of the most popular types of yard decorations on the market. They encompass everything from traditional Santas and snowmen to angels, elves and candy canes. Many are equipped with solar-powered batteries to power light up functions. They’re ideal for saving on power costs and reducing the potential for fire.

Aurora Lights

Since 1882, lights have played an integral part in holiday celebrations. Now, you can put away the traditional holiday lights for your outdoor tree and decorate with aurora lights. They’re also called meteor lights, snow shower lights or raindrop lights, depending on the manufacturer. They’re offered in single colors and simulate shooting stars tumbling to Earth.


Giant inflatable ornaments are offered in multiple colors. Some are emblazoned with sentiments of the season. You can also select from giant lighted snow globes or giant versions of Frosty the Snowman or the abominable snowman.

Lighted Gifts

Designed to look like wrapped presents, they glow with an inner light. They’re available in multiple colors. Combine them with an outdoor lighted tree for an especially festive appearance.

Fun Inflatables

Those with a quirky sense of humor that are fans of Rockin’ Santa figurines with a guitar will be happy to know there’s a large inflatable version. You can also choose Santa riding a dinosaur, Snoopy on his doghouse, or a gingerbread train. Don’t forget the gingerbread man who is being sampled by his dog.

Fireworks and Icicles

Firework lights are offered in bright white or multi-colored versions. The unique design emulates the appearance of a fireworks burst, sometimes called a bouquet. Icicle lights can be used to decorate homes and fences.


There’s something about reindeer as decorations that appeal to children and adults. They’re available in light up inflatables that primarily depict Rudolph and the more popular fully lit version that’s offered as a 2-piece doe and fawn set.

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