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Plan a Science Party for Your Child’s Birthday

As a parent, you already know that keeping kids occupied during a party can be sometimes challenging. You want to keep the activity going without breaking the momentum or the bank. We’ve put together a few tips on what how to throw your child a ‘Science Party’ that will not only keep the kids amused it might teach them something as well.

Kids love to craft and make stuff.

There are recipes online for homemade slime to crystal Geode eggs that are beautiful to look at when finished. You can find a ton of great ideas by visiting a few blogs and Pinterest. If you are planning on throwing your son or daughter a Science Party then be sure to plan up to three or four experiments for the kids to conduct. In fact, the DIY projects are going to be the highlight of your party.

Here’s a few of the links for these fun crafts your guest might like:

  • DIY Crystal Geode Eggs done by Sweet Paul look like a hoot to put together. One thing you’ll love about this site is Professor Figgy makes videos demonstrating exactly how to put the experiment together. Be sure to visit the site and practice making these cool eggs.
  • Next up, we have what’s called Elephant Toothpaste which was found on Preschool Powol Packets which is an excellent resource for teachers. Actually, mom blogger, Carla is a certified teacher who teaches biology. Her experiment called Elephant Toothpaste may get a little messy or sticky since it’s made with soda. Be sure to have plenty of space and set down some tarps before letting the good times roll with this crazy foam. Word to the Wise: If your kids are allergic to soap, this might not work so well.
  • Most parties there will be a limit on the experiments. Ask your child which they think look like the most fun and what their friends would enjoy.

In addition to the entertainment, be sure to include things like Earth Day cookies and a variety of another edible yet, scientific theme. These cookies found on Tammilee Tipps are delicious and the kids love them because of the funky blue and green colors. Give them a try as they are a real treat!

  • You can find fun plates and cups from places like Party City and the dollar store. The popular show ‘Despicable Me is the perfect companion to a science party as the Minions continue to steal children’s hearts today. If you pull up Minions, Birthday Party you’ll find a plethora of incredible ideas suitable for kids of all ages to accessorize.

In closing, we’d like to say these are just a few of the many ideas out there on how to throw your child a terrific birthday party with a science theme.  Of course after all of the science fun, your party goers will be ready to PLAY!  Check our our huge selection of waterslides and bounce houses!  We are ready to deliver to your home, church, or local park so that your party is sure to be a hit.  Be sure to check out the rest of our blog for other tips on celebrating.

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