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Retirement Party? Don’t forget the Kids!

It seems that many of us today are constantly on the go. When it comes to planning a party or an event, it makes perfect sense to work smart and not hard. Whether you’re organizing your child’s graduation party or a retirement party for your elderly father, it’s important to remember the kids. Rather than sticking them in another room with their video games, why not open the party for participation amongst all ages? In this week’s blog, we’ve got a few tricks to show you how.

Children tend to get bored easily, and in most cases, parents won’t even want to bring them to an adult themed party. However, today’s society has changed, and it’s more common now to invite the whole family rather than just colleagues and co-workers to such a milestone event. The biggest dilemma and one that is often overlooked is what to do for entertainment? One of our first solutions is, of course, to introduce you to the idea of having a bounce house on site. Whether it’s set up in a front yard or at a park, this is the main attraction amongst both kids and adults.

Next would be a waterslide. Since you live in a place like South Florida, it only makes sense to cool everyone off in the hot tropical weather with a splash of fun. While the children are out having, fun playing in the water, the adults can focus on telling stories about the guest of honor’s accomplishments. Think about it. This is the perfect solution to eliminating whining kids during grandfather’s speech.

Lastly, we’d like to mention; our obstacle courses are an excellent way for adults to participate and compete. As a corporate event planner, you can incorporate some team building skills along with saying goodbye to the employee. Using our many features at your next grown-up party will not only show you’re organized and can handle some pretty unusual tasks, but it will also make you a company hero!

Whether you’re looking to facilitate a phenomenal adult party or one where kids are involved, we have a multitude of solutions to make the day enjoyable for everyone. Contact our staff who specialize in celebrating to make your next party or even a smashing one!

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