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Bounce House and Safety

South Florida is an excellent place to live. That statement is especially true if you are a kid. With ideal weather and a ton of attractions geared for children, this place is a tropical paradise for both kids and parents. However, when it comes to renting a bounce house, there are some concrete safety tips you should know, whether you’ll be renting  an inflatable for an event or, just as a treat for the whole family. Read this info to be well informed when it comes to safety and bounce houses.

First, be sure to hire a reputable company with a good track record. Since there’s very little to no regulation with these rentals, it’s important to find an organization that is going to look out for the safety of your family and friends.

Next, after the technicians install the bounce house, ask to do a full walk around the unit with them to ensure they’ve successfully anchored the bounce house to the ground. High gusts of wind are common in South Florida, so it’s imperative the installation and setup are secure and safe. Besides, the anchoring, have the rep point out there’s been extra precaution taken when it comes to water and electricity. In most cases, the designs are meant to be used around both and are constructed to prevent hazards. However, it’s good to do the walk around regardless. If anything looks suspicious ask about the item in question.

Besides the security of the structure, be sure to ask what the process is for cleaning their rentals. Do they do a wipe down or a full deep cleaning? As we all know, everyone with children is bound to have germs and a multitude of other health risks. However, most of the reputable companies take extra measure to be sure everyone’s not in jeopardy.

One more issue to point out here is that safety is both the responsibility of the bounce house attendant as well as the parents. Many times, kids are left un attended causing more severe issues. While bounce houses are designed for children to be free of danger, there’s still an activity that could cause a less than desirable outcome. In fact, just about every child entering a bounce house for the first time gets excited, and larger kids aren’t always watching the smaller ones. That being the case, kids can get hurt even during innocent play. Be sure as a parent you take the responsibility always to use your best judgment.

For the most part, bounce houses are safe and fun. A little extra work on both the part of the parent and the rental company just makes good sense.

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