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Keeping Guests Cool at Your Summer Party

One of the most important things that hosts can do for their party guests is help them keep cool in the summer heat and humidity. There are a wide variety of fun and inventive ways to beat the summer heat to accommodate multiple price points. You’ll want to keep guests entertained, but not overexerted.


Inflatable waterslides are an excellent way for your guests to have fun while they’re staying cool and comfortable. Waterslides ae available in multiple heights and styles for children and adults and some are designed to deposit merry-makers directly into a swimming pool.

Cold Treats

Food is an essential feature at any party and there’s a wealth of crowd-pleasing cold treats that are tasty and help keep the body’s core temperature cool. You can choose from frozen juice pops, Italian ice, custard, ice cream and frozen yogurt. You can also rent your own snow cone machine. You might also want to consider milkshakes, smoothies and slushies.

Fan Misters

These are simple, economical, and require nothing more than water and a battery. They have a receptacle that holds water and spritzes a small amount of water through a fan. The water is delivered as a pleasing mist to the face or any other part of the body.


If shade trees are in short supply, a tent or canopy brings welcome relief from the heat. There are even tents that can be air conditioned for particularly hot days or when your guests include young children or the elderly who are most at risk for heat-related problems.

Neck Coolers

Available in multiple colors, the devices are reusable and affordable. Originally designed by NASA, they’re filled with a specialized gel that freezes. Distribute them to guests to wear around the neck to help cool off.

Flavored Water

It’s critical to drink plenty of fluids on hot days. Have plenty of flavored waters to cool and hydrate. Keep alcoholic beverages to a minimum at adult parties. Alcohol works to dehydrate rather than refresh. The same can be true of soda.

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