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Great Party Rentals for Tweens

When planning a party for tweens, many parents are at a loss. Youngsters are too old for children’s amusements yet not old enough for more mature entertainments. There are multiple solutions that provide unique experiences that will keep tweens occupied for hours. Some of the most popular include the following, in no particular order.

Bungee Trampoline

There’s something alluring about a trampoline to tweens and when coupled with bungee rigging that allows them to jump, spin, twist and flip 20 feet in the air – they’ll never want to stop.

Corn Maze

Tweens don’t have to travel to the country to experience the intrigue of a corn maze. Inflatable versions provide a realistic experience complete with false turns and dead ends.

Inflatable Slides

Whether it’s a dry slide or a water slide, the thrill of rocketing down a 40-foot drop is exhilarating.

Lawn Games

Today’s activities aren’t quiet games of croquet or horseshoes. They encompass life-size versions of popular board games, hamster balls and foosball, along with sumo wrestling, foot darts, and gladiator games.

Mechanical Bull

A mechanical bull is just as much fun for tweens as it is for adults. Multiple speeds and a soft, inflatable landing surface promotes safe fun.

Obstacle Courses

Tweens are competitive and eager to prove who is the best whether they’re playing a video game or running a race. Obstacle courses provide multiple challenges that include running, jumping, and using their brain to figure out physical puzzles.

Robo Games

Today’s technology enables tweens to experience the fun of snowboarding, surf boarding, and skateboarding in a completely safe environment.

Rock Wall

A rock wall will challenge the skills of beginners to experienced climbers. They’re equipped with hydraulic systems and automated belays for safety while guests scale a 20-foot wall.


The technology can take tweens on fantastic intergalactic missions where they can compete one-on-one or in teams to challenge strength, endurance, and hand-eye coordination.

Virtual Reality

Rent a virtual roller coaster and let it entertain tweens for hours. Multiple themes are available, allowing players to engage their imagination in genres ranging from horror and action to animations and science fiction.

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