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Summer Mocktails for Poolside

Nothing beats relaxing by the pool with a cold beverage and a poolside drink doesn’t have to be alcoholic. There are dozens of mocktails available that have all the taste and aesthetic appeal of their alcoholic cousins and youngsters enjoy the “fancy” drinks as much as adults. It makes them feel special and it’s a great way for anyone to enjoy a helping of fruit.

Mocktails are especially beneficial for the body when South Florida temperatures climb and humidity levels increase. They’re cool, refreshing, and are an excellent way to stay hydrated while remaining clear-headed. A quick Internet search will turn up dozens of mocktail recipes that incorporate ingredients encompassing ice cream, cotton candy, juices, and a wide variety of fruits. Some of the most popular mocktails include the following.

Fantasy Float

The two-ingredient goodie combines rainbow sorbet and any preferred flavor of club soda – or clear soda if club soda isn’t available. Place ice cream in a hurricane glass, pour soda over the mix and add a straw. For an extra special treat, garnish with edible glitter.

Feel Good Mocktail

A variation of the Painkiller Mocktail, it contains pineapple juice, orange juice, and coconut cream. Combine the ingredients and mix well before pouring over ice and then shake some more to mix the ingredients. Use toasted coconut flakes to rim the glass, pour over ice, and garnish with maraschino cherries and a pineapple wedge.

Ocean Blue

Blend ice, blue Powerade®, and lemon-lime soda together. Additional ice can be used to “stiffen” a mix that’s too watery. Pour in a clear glass and add a couple of gummy sharks to happily swim around the beverage.

Sparkling Watermelon Kiwi

Lime soda, kiwi slices, watermelon cubes, and ice are all that’s needed for a quick and healthy beverage. Thoroughly mix the ingredients together, serve in a tumbler with a “fancy” straw, and garnish with kiwi slices.

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