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Get Outside this Summer with a Waterslide

There’s no better way to cool off than with a water-based form of amusement and even when a pool is available, nothing can beat the fun of a waterslide. The inflatable slides are available in multiple heights to accommodate toddlers to adults, have a myriad of themes, and some can even be arranged to deposit individuals directly into an existing swimming pool. Depending on the model, they’re offered in 1-4 lane styles for friendly competition.

South Florida Bounce is home to The Twister, South Florida’s largest waterslide highlighted by a 40 ft. drop and a slide that’s 110 ft. long. For those that want a little extra excitement, it can be designed with a curve. Adding the curve will shorten the length of the slide, but fun is just as huge and sliders will be delivered to a pool for a watery splash ending.

There are also options for younger children. The Elite Slide features a unique ladder in the back for climbing to the top. The 13-ft. slide provides all the fun of a larger model, while allowing smaller children to enjoy all the fun that older youngsters have.

Waterslides let adults forget their cares and act like kids again. They’re one of the most popular amusements available for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or a special treat for the family. An inflatable waterslide just for the younger children is a gift of fun that will be a cherished memory for years to come.

Renting an inflatable water slide is convenient and is an eco-friendly solution that uses less water than a permanent waterslide. The water is recycled, making it much less expensive to operate. South Florida Bounce takes care of the set-up and inflatables have an advantage over anything that could be permanently constructed at a pool. They provide the experience of a water park for summertime fun right at home.

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