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Add an Inflatable to Your Holiday Party

The days may be shorter, and quite not as hot as the summer, but winter here in Florida is still an awesome time to have a huge family party to usher in the holiday season. Unlike some parts of the country, the weather is still wonderful enough to be able to party outside late into the evening, meaning you can pretty much have giant inflatables in your yard all year round.

If you are planning a holiday party this year, why not go all out and add some inflatables into the mix, for perfect family fun to make memories that will last forever.

Rent A Waterslide

Waterslides are amazing any time of year.  Impress the neighbors with The Twister, an awesome super-slide is perfect for family gatherings.  At 40 feet tall it towers over the rooftops, and its so big even Santa will see it from his sleigh!  If you want something a bit closed to the ground, we have a huge range of waterslides to suit every occasion and every budget.

Keep the Kids Entertained with A Bounce House

Bounce houses are a great way to entertain the younger members of your family during your holiday party.  They are available in a wide a variety of sizes, colors, designs and themes and you will be able to find one that fits your yard, no problem!  Choose from pirate ships, princess castles or zoo safari’s and other themes, to add even more excitement for the little ones.

Bounce houses never go out of fashion and kids of all ages love them too. For bigger kids, and adults, why not add a bounce house with a difference?  You can get hire bounce houses that double up as Xtreme Sports Arenas, football stadiums and even dance floors for all the family to enjoy.  Whatever the size of your venue, and however many people you have coming, a bounce house is always a great addition to your holiday party.

Get Competitive

How about putting your family values to the test with some competitive sports in your own backyard?  Obstacle courses are a brilliant way to hold races and competitions between friends, family and neighbors.  Choose from rock climbing courses, extreme running course with huge slides and giant football courses, or keep it on friendly with inflatable sumo wrestling, human-hungry hippos or even inflatable Skee-Ball.

Dance the Night Away

Dancing on the dance floor is cool, but it will never be as cool as dancing in a disco dome cool.  The Disco Dome Bounce House with its music and disco lights should be at the center of any holiday party.  Shake your thang in the floor, as you enjoy the tunes pumped out by the high-quality amplifier and speaker system that can be connected to your smartphone or music system.  The disco lights will jump along to the music, transforming an outdoor party into your very own enclosed nightclub.

Make It the Best Holiday Party Ever with South Florida Bounce

We have hundreds of awesome inflatables for you to choose from.  Speak to us today at 561.245.7100 to find the perfect selection to suit your holiday party this winter.

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