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Bounce Houses for Toddlers

Children under the age of 6 shouldn’t be allowed to use a bounce house due to the potential for injuries – unless it’s one created specifically for toddlers. They don’t bounce in the same way as those made for older children and are often equipped with other activities that keep children busy for hours.

Toddlers under that age don’t have the strength or control of their motor skills to right themselves and react to bouncing action from other youngsters. Toddler bounce houses are an excellent way to help children acquire those skills. The amusements my include slides, tunnels and other gentle obstacles that are toddler sized. They may also come with inflatable animals and soft balls for added fun.

It should be noted that optimally, toddlers should use a bounce house one at a time. Toddlers that can’t walk or stand by themselves can easily be knocked down and be unable to get up on their own. Children should always wear socks in a bounce house, preferably those with treads or a grip that can be helpful in keeping children from falling and slipping.

Youngsters love to jump, bounce and explore their boundaries. A bounce house is a safer option than trampolines. They’re at ground level and enclosed with netting or inflated material. Children in the toddler age range are more susceptible to injuries than those of other ages. Parents should be aware that there’s always the potential for an injury, even with bounce houses designed with toddlers in mind.

There are some simple precautions that parents and caregivers can take to aid in minimizing the potential for injury. Be sure that the bounce house is set up away from fences, outbuildings and greenhouses. The area immediately surrounding the bounce house should be clear of branches, rocks and similar items to help protect against injuries and ensure toddlers have the best experience possible.

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