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Labor Day Party Ideas

The Labor Day weekend is fast approaching and you probably have no idea what to do to celebrate. Remember, Labor Day should be all about food, family and fun, not necessarily in that order. If you plan on throwing a Labor Day party, we are all about getting you all the best and fun ideas for your party. Here is a list of our top 5 favorite party ideas for the long Labor Day weekend.

  1. Host a clambake

Nothing screams long Labor Day Weekend than a ton of seafood in the shade of a summer day. All you will need is your backyard and a shallow pit to do your clambake in. Additionally, you should visit the farmers market to get your fresh ingredients before your clambake. Ensure that you get loads of potatoes, clams, lobster, and some fresh seaweed to cover your clambake in. Some fresh corn is also a must for a rocking clambake Labor Day Party!

  1. Throw a pool party

Nothing beats spending the summer in a cooling pool all day, whilst sipping refreshing cocktails and hanging out with friends. A pool party is the ultimate way to end the summer holiday with a bang. And why not add some pizzazz to your pool party by renting any one of our waterslides for a splash like no other!

  1. Have a cook-out

Grilling some fresh corn on the cob, steaks and marinated chicken thighs sounds like the perfect plan for your Labor Day party. Why don’t you get some friends together and get the lads hanging out at the grill while the ladies prep the drinks to go with your grilled feast? A cook-out is a great way to host a Labor Day party as it will allow lots of banter during the food prep and it will carry on into the night as you sit down to enjoy your food and drinks.

  1. Host an outdoor movie night

Going out to the movies sounds like a plan, but why don’t you consider renting a movie and calling over a few friends? Make it a more authentic experience by hiring our food machines such as the Hot Dog Roller and the Popcorn Machine for bottomless snacks during your movie marathon. Furthermore, you can also hire our Snow Cone machine which comes with 60 servings of the cooling treat for a hot summer night.

  1. Dance the night away

Dancing the Labor Day weekend through is such a fun way to consider spending your holiday before the end of summer break. Plan a night of dancing out on the patio and let it spill over into the backyard. Do you know what will make it even more fun? Include one of our giant backyard pool slides to add to the fun. Be sure to have tons of water for hydration and a selection of snacks from our array of food vending machines for hire.

These cool Labor Day Party ideas should help you settle on a great party to remember for everyone. Furthermore, ensure that you visit our products page to see just how many different items we have for you to turn your ordinary party into a crowd-pleaser.

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