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Social Media Etiquette for Children’s Parties

Social media has become a popular way to invite guests to children’s parties. Keep in mind that blasting a message to all of your friends can be a risky endeavor, resulting in dozens of guests for which you haven’t planned and are unprepared. It can also be extremely hurtful to any children that are left off the guest list. It costs nothing to be kind. Consider how your own child would feel in the same circumstances.

Post Carefully

Remember that social media messages are public and can be seen by anyone – including perfect strangers. Don’t post personal information such as your phone number or email address, or the time, date and location of the event. Even with the filters and settings available, there’s a significant amount of information that can be gleaned from your profile.

Contacts Only

Social media is fast and convenient. Chances are that you’re going to know the parents of the children you’re inviting and have their contact information. Consider contacting them directly via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to issue the invitation. Direct messaging is an excellent way to ensure the parent receives the invitation – and only those that will be invited.


Unfortunately, some people will never let you know if their child will be attending or not. Many are still reluctant to allow their child to attend events in an age of COVID-19. Make sure you include a phone number or email for parental responses or questions.

It can be helpful to include a response option using the term “regrets” for those that won’t be attending. Also be prepared to contact several parents, as there will be some that forget to respond or don’t respond by the RSVP date.

Party Pictures

There will always be party pictures taken and it can be embarrassing and hurtful – especially for teens and tweens – to suddenly see those pictures popping up in their social media feed. It’s far better to email copies only to those who were in attendance.

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