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Book Early! Plan Ahead for Your Fall Event

Fall is almost here and with it lots of events to celebrate. You don’t want to be caught flat-footed without all the equipment that you need for your fall event. Our company has all sorts of equipment to hire out to you for your fall event; however, you need to get your order in well in advance before we get all booked out. Some of the equipment you may need for your fall events could include the following.

  1. Carnival Games

We have all sorts and sizes of carnival games to suit all budgets and spaces. Some of our carnival games include the Bungee Trampoline which is a sensational bungee jump with a trampoline going over twenty feet into the air. Furthermore, our Bungee Trampoline features flips, jumps and a host of aerial maneuvers with the security of a specially designed harness. Moreover, we have a Rock Wall, Human Billiards, Football Challenge among many other carnival games to choose from.

  1. Photobooths

What better way to capture the memories of your fall events than by using a specially themed photo booth. Our photo booth offering has a wide variety that caters to children and adults as well as corporate activities. From the Trackless Train to the Selfie Booth and the Cash Cube, you will be lost for choice when you look at our photo booths for hire this fall. Hurry though; we usually get sold out way before the fall season begins.

  1. Obstacle courses

Nothing gets the adrenaline charging than a well-designed obstacle course. We have a wide array of these in stock to fit any size of space you are looking at. From the small ‘Toxic Revenge Obstacle Course’ to the massive ‘Escape from Alcatraz’, our obstacle courses offer you a fun-filled adventure that will make your event one to talk about for days.

  1. Bounce houses

We also have the kiddos in mind with our fun Bounce Houses that have various themes. The ‘Candy Land Toddler’ and the ‘Zoo Island Toddler Combo’ will provide hours of endless jiggly and bouncy fun for the kids. And who said adults cannot enjoy some bouncy fun? The ‘Disco Bounce Dance House’ comes equipped with music and lights for the full disco experience. How about some sumo suits wrestling fun in the ‘Sumo Arena’ which comprises of an inflatable ring and clean and sanitized sumo suits for some belly-bouncing fun?

  1. Water slides

There is ALWAYS time for some fun in the water in South Florida! Our water slides range from backyard-sized slides to towering 20-foot-high double water slides culminating in a shallow pool. Furthermore, our water slides come in various colors which you can choose to suit your event’s theme color.

These are just some of the wide array of equipment that we have for hire for your fall events. Remember to book early to avoid getting disappointed. Furthermore, booking early will ensure that you get exactly what you wanted. You can contact us via the contact details on our page and you will be sure to have a smashing fall event.

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