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Top 7 Must-Haves when Planning an Outdoor Party


Parties play an essential role in celebrating events ranging from employee appreciation days and retirements to weddings. However, planning the event can be extremely stressful as individuals attempt to ensure every detail is correct – from food to entertainment. There are some essentials for any gathering that are non-negotiable and must-haves for a successful party – especially in Florida.

  1. Food

The quickest way to ruin a party is for guests to leave the event hungry. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a backyard barbecue or a sophisticated soiree. Food is viewed universally as a demonstration of love and regard.

Professionals caterers will know exactly how much food to prepare for the number of guests to ensure everyone is well-fed. They can also accommodate special dietary needs. Caterers will provide table service, glassware and servers, along with beverages, a bartender, and even bouncers if required.

  1. Seating

There should be a chair for every guest, including any children in attendance. They should also be easy to move, as there will always be groups of people rearranging chairs to sit together to converse.

  1. Tables

Guests should never be scrunched up together, which means sufficient tables so they can spread out a little for elbow room. It’s especially important if children will be attending.

  1. Tents

Florida can get very hot and humid during summer months. A tent provides convenient shade from the heat. It’s particularly important for older individuals. Portable air conditioning units are available to provide cooling inside tents. A tent also offers a means of expanding available space and provides shelter in the event of unforeseen rain.

  1. Entertainment

The type of entertainment selected will depend largely on the guest list. Adults enjoy dancing so a band or DJ, along with a portable dance floor, is ideal. If the party is for children, there are any number of inflatable games and activities that can be rented. Don’t discount the value of inflatables for adult parties, either.

  1. Decorations

The addition of appropriate decorations, whether it’s special lighting, banners or table centerpieces, are an essential element that will set the mood and tone of the party. They also provide an attractive backdrop for people to take photos as mementos of the event.

  1. Party Planner

A party planner is an excellent resource. They can help individuals stay within any budget and they have connections with entertainers, venues, caterers and other professionals. Party planners will relieve the stress and ensure a party for any occasion is a complete success.

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