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6 Amazing Gluten-Free Desserts that Kids Will Eat!

The number of children being diagnosed with a gluten allergy is increasing and the severity can be life-threatening for some. It’s better to be safe than sorry and for those that want to make homemade treats, a number of tasty dessert options are available that kids will eat and even ask for seconds.


Avoiding gluten doesn’t mean giving up the rich taste of brownies. The chocolaty treats are perfect for little hands and eating on the go. The most common flour for use in gluten-free brownies is almond flour, but be sure that those that partake of the chewy sweets don’t have a nut allergy.


Gluten-free cookies don’t need hours to bake or an extensive number of ingredients to make. Healthy three-ingredient cookies are a welcome treat that can easily be made with gluten-free cake mix, eggs and extra virgin olive oil. An added benefit is that gluten-free cake mixes are offered in multiple flavors.

Cake Pops

Few desserts gain a child’s attention like cake pops. Just bake a gluten-free cake from a mix, crumble the cake when it’s done and mix the pieces with any flavor frosting. Form the cake balls to any desired size, add the stick and decorate with a choice of chocolate drizzle, sprinkles and/or frosting.

Banana Pops

Extremely easy to make, banana pops are a healthy treat that kids will have fun making and eating. They can be dipped in chocolate and decorated with coconut, nuts, sprinkles or any desired embellishment. The nutritious snack can be made ahead of time and frozen or let kids decorate their own as part of party festivities.

Doughnut Holes

Doughnut holes are easy to make and can be served at a party, as a snack or a breakfast treat. They’re light, fluffy, and fit a child’s small hands. The balls can be formed by hand or a cutter can be used. An added advantage is that they can also be fashioned into sticks for dunking milk or coffee.

Red Velvet Pie Cookies

These little mini pies combine the best of a cake and a cookie and begin with mini red velvet cakes that can easily be made at home. Take one of the mini cakes, slather on some cream cheese frosting, and top with another cake. The entire dessert can be sprinkled with powdered sugar for a more festive appearance.

Gluten Free Indulgence

Delicious, gluten-free desserts don’t require any more time or effort than traditional cakes or cookies with the gluten-free mixes available in the baking aisle of today’s supermarkets. They ensure anyone can have a safe and gluten-free treat to satisfy their sweet tooth.

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