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Host A New England Style Clambake

Nothing screams summer like an authentic New England style clambake. A New England Clambake is a tradition that dates back over 100 years and is regularly observed to date during summer. This traditional practice marks the day, hundreds of years ago, when the First European Settlers learned how to cook in a pit, a concept the Native Americans taught them. Today, to be able to host a successful New England Style Clambake, all you need is a sunny and sandy seashore, loads of clams and sausage, corn and potatoes, coal for your grill and a nice grill set-up. Here is how all these play out to helping you host a New England style clambake.

  1. Traditional Style Cooking

Look for a sandy and sunny seashore near you, whose laws permit you to grill in the open near the ocean. Once you have selected a nice spot, you can begin to set your grill up. First and foremost, you have to dig a shallow, oblong hole in the sand. Secondly, line this hole with large stones, on top of which you can then lay your coals. Next comes your wood which you should light and allow to burn for a while, about an hour or two, after which you will rake off the ashes. Lastly, set your grill up on top of some blocks of cinder and ensure that it is stable.

  1.  Loading on the ingredients

A classic New England clambake must comprise of loads of clams, sausage, some corn, and potatoes. Additionally, be sure to have seaweed on which you will pile your ingredients. The trick is to layer the ingredients, with the ones that take longest to cook being placed at the bottom. Naturally, the potatoes or starchy tubers will come first, followed by a layer of seaweed on which you will add the corn, followed by the sausage and finally, the clams.

  1. Cover to cook

After covering the last layer of clams with seaweed, it’s time to throw on a sea-water soaked burlap sack. The cooking will take about an hour, during which all the clams should have opened and the potatoes will have become tender. Remember to pour seawater over the burlap sack as needed during cooking. As you wait to feast on your New England clambake, this would be a good time to enjoy some drink as you frolic on one of our gigantic beach-side water slides.

  1. Serve

Set up your New England Clam Bake on your beach blankets and get ready to enjoy a massive feast whose roots begun over a hundred years ago.

Summertime is a great time to sample and try new ideas such as the New England Clambake as detailed above. Be sure to gather your friends around and try your own clambake, it is such fun and will get you and your friends in on the action. For more fun, contact us to hire any of our mega-sized water slides today. We deal in all types and sizes of waterslides that can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

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