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Summer Movie Guide for Kids

Rain and inclement weather is inevitable at some point and for rambunctious kids, it’s the perfect time to sit in an air-conditioned theater and watch a good movie or stream it at home. There’s an impressive line-up of animated features to appeal to younger children, along with selections for teens and tweens. Among the most popular selections are the following, in no particular order.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World – Hiccup is rescuing captured dragons and finds a new species. Grimmel the dragon hunter is responsible for the near extinction of dragons and Hiccup determines to find the Lost World where dragons can be safe and live in peace.

A Dog’s Way Home – Based on the novel, when Bella the dog is scooped up by animal control, she must escape and undertake a 400-mile journey to be reunited with her human boy.

The Kid Who Would be King – When a 12-year-old boy pulls Excalibur from a stone, with the help of Merlin he must create a new Round Table, face the sorceress Morgana and knight the entire student body to fight her before returning the famed sword to the Lady of the Lake.

Shazam! – Billy Batson is a teen that can transform into an adult superhero, but has all the problems of a modern kid. He must learn to use his many abilities to send the evil Sivana back to the Rock of Eternity and return the Eye of Sin.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu – In this live-action Pokemon movie, Pikachu meets an adult insurance agent named Tim who can speak and understand him. During their investigations, they learn that the consciousness of Tim’s father has been fused with Pikachu.

Aladdin – The live-action Aladdin is the retelling of the famous story with Will Smith in the role of the genie.

This year’s crop of kids movies are good fun with multiple themes. There’s an emphasis on character s that learn to be confident, caring and social-minded.

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