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Simple School Lunch Ideas for the Kiddos


School lunches are the bane of parents everywhere. There’s no guarantee that even if you prepare your kid’s “favorite” foods that they’ll eat them. Trying to create healthy selections can be even more difficult. The good news is that there are multiple combinations that can be created with some ingredients that are cost effective, visually appealing, and healthy.

Any type of fruit or vegetables that kids like should be on the menu. One of the tricks parents can use to persuade kids to eat their veggies is to cut them into interesting shapes. Boiled eggs and cheese sticks are always welcome. Kids also need carbs and they can be found in the form of mini muffins and items such as Goldfish crackers.

To add variety, instead of a plain sandwich turn the fillings into a wrap using tortilla shells – a grilled cheese roll up, for example. You can also create unconventional options such as a peanut butter, jelly and banana burrito. Pizza toppings on toast are also delicious.

Sliders that are perfect for little hands are easy using dinner rolls. There’s something about food on a stick that’s particularly appealing. Try placing favorite sandwich ingredients on a mini skewer. Just because its lunch time doesn’t mean the meal can’t encompass breakfast foods. Combine sausage links, mini pancakes or waffle sticks, with fruit and a container of syrup.

Don’t overlook the value of leftovers like tacos and chicken wings. The idea is to offer variety so kids aren’t bored, ensure they’re eating a healthy lunch, and you know they will be since you prepared it yourself. It should incorporate a combination of protein, fruits, veggies, and carbs.

When preparing kids’ lunches you shouldn’t underestimate the value of sauces and dips, along with items like single serve, prepackaged hummus, veggies and fruits. They’re nutritious, convenient, and you don’t have to worry about keeping them refrigerated.

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