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Exercise and Get Fit as A Family

When it comes to keeping fit, there are tons of ways to get the whole family involved. Sure, you guys could all go to the gym together, or run around the park, but why not or go all out and try something different like adding some inflatable fun to the proceedings instead.

From bounce houses for the little ones to all-out action for the adults, here at South Florida Bounce, we have tons of inflatables that can make working out with the family more fun than ever before.

Compete together with our inflatable football

Why not get all the family into some healthy pursuits with an inflatable foosball set-up? This is a giant inflatable arena where you guys are the players. Bounce about and try and score points against the kids while having the time of your life. It’s a great way to work most of the major muscles groups as well as being an excellent cardio workout.  The very best thing about our inflatable football – you will be having so much fun, you won’t even feel like you are working out at the same time.

Workout with our Wipeout

Have you ever watched that TV show where contestants try to jump across a line of giant, inflatable red balls? It sure looks fun, right? Well, now you and yours can have a go yourselves without the trouble of getting soaking wet or having a nation of viewers laughing at your failure! With the inflatable Wipeout set-up, you can attempt the near-impossible in the comfort of your own backyard. The whole thing is padded and surrounded with air-filled mats, so the only thing you’ll damage is your pride as your 7-year old kid hops across with ease, whilst you crash and burn like a clumsy bear on roller skates.

Soccerdarts is an actual thing

Are you any good at darts? Or soccer? Then how about trying out our unique Soccerdarts inflatable? Soccerdarts is a great way to keep fit and have a blast at the same time. A giant inflatable dartboard is your target as you take turns to pelt soccer balls that stick to the board. The best score wins, and everyone gets a great workout for the legs. Soccer and darts perfection, all rolled into one hilariously good fun inflatable.

Bungee up together

If you’ve ever wanted to show off your trampoline skills but were too worried about cartwheeling through the air into the neighbor’s pool, try a bungee trampoline experience instead. Players strap into a special harness that keeps them in place and allows them to show off their best ninja-style poses without gravity getting in the way too much. It’s safe, fun and, best of all, a really good workout that you and your family will never get bored of getting involved with.

Family Fun from South Florida Bounce

If you are planning a family party, or other social event, you can keep fit while you have fun with a selection of inflatable form our inventory.  Call our guys today at 561.245.7100 to hear about all the inflatable fun we can bring to your party.

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