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Popular South Florida Bike Paths

Biking for exercise and recreation is one of the most popular activities in the U.S. and counts among its ranks more than 47.5 million people. South Florida has some of the most beautiful bike paths in the nation where cyclists can enjoy beachside views, parks and historic sites.

Bill Baggs State Park

Towering trees and Biscayne Bay are just part of the views to enjoy. Bike rentals are available for the 1.5 mile trail and some people have even been fortunate enough to see a manatee.

Cypress Creek Greenway

The seven-mile trail goes by parks with restrooms, parking and other amenities. There’s little shade, so be sure and bring sunscreen, wear a hat, and stay hydrated.

Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail

Scenic and educational, it stretches 70 miles past historic railroad bridges, marine and wildlife refuges, and bike rentals are available.

Hollywood Beach Boardwalk

Constructed in the 1920s, the trail runs 2.5 miles past parks, shops, restaurants and hotels. It’s been recognized as one of “10 Great Public Spaces.” It’s paved in brick and can be extremely busy as pedestrians also use it. Riders can stop for a snack and go swimming if they’d like.

Jonathan Dickinson State Park

The park contains both paved and nature trails to bike. The land was once a top secret training facility for the Signal Corps during World War II for the new –at the time – development of radar.

Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail

The trail goes around Lake Okeechobee on top of the Herbert Hoover Dike. There are paved and gravel portions, and the trail diverts in some places around locks and on roadways.

Old Cutler Trail

The path is 11 miles long and bikers can see ficus and banyan trees, rest in a park, and explore the natural gifts that each park has to offer.

Shark Valley Trail

Famous for its wildlife, bikers can view a variety of birds and animals along the 15 mile loop. Cyclists can also drink in the vista at the observation tower. A hat, sunscreen and water are essential for traveling this trail.

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