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Keeping Kids Safe in a Bounce House

From coast to coast, bounce houses have become a must-have item for any children’s party, fundraiser, street carnival, school festival, and business-sponsored event where kids will be present. They’re a fun amusement and taking appropriate precautions will ensure a safe time for everyone.

The most important element for bounce house safety is adult supervision. A bounce house should never be left unattended, even for a moment. It’s essential to limit the number of children that are using the bounce house at the same time, that children are all comparable in size, and that they’re using the bounce house appropriately.

Children should never enter an inflatable with shoes on. Keep all food and drink outside the bounce house and make sure youngsters don’t have any sharp object on them such as pens, pencils, keys and other items. When clients rent a bounce house from South Florida Bonce, an attendant can be provided at minimal cost to ensure safety.

Wind is the enemy of any inflatable structure, making it imperative that bounce houses are securely anchored. They should always be anchored to the ground. Bounce houses should never be erected where they’ll physically touch other objects.

The experts at South Florida Bounce provide experienced setup for bounce house rentals and all the required equipment. Clients simply need to provide an appropriately sized space clear of litter, debris and other hazards. Many individuals and companies purchase a bounce house for repeated usage. For those that do, it’s essential that all included instructions be followed to the letter to ensure safety.

A bounce house can provide children with hours of fun and healthy playtime. The critical element for ensuring safety is adult supervision. If there’s any doubt that an adult will be available at all times, hire an attendant.

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