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Throwing the Ultimate Block Party

It’s that time of year again in South Florida where everyone is starting to plan their fall and winter parties. More parties happen this time of year since our weather has become cooler and not as humid. One party that everyone looks forward to annually is their neighborhood block party. If you’ve been selected or have volunteered to be on the planning board, then we’ve got some helpful tips for you that will make your block party into a ‘Block-Buster Party’!!! Read on!

  •  Meet with the neighbors
  • Get a permit from the city or township
  •  Book Inflatable Rentals
  •  Plan food and activities
  •  Send invitations to the neighbors
  •  Create a Map showing who is participating and what each neighbor is hosting

Meeting with the neighbors as a planning committee is imperative to the success of your party. Select someone as the chairman and then have everyone assigned tasks. The chairman should be coordinated with everyone and be there in case the ball gets dropped.

Next, you’ll need to get a permit for your party. This is especially true when you’re blocking off streets. This is another important step to planning a great party that won’t get shut down by the feds later.

Contact South Florida Bounce for your rentals such as bounce houses or water slides. The sooner the reservation is made, you’ll be ensured on us being present for your party.

Now that you’ve got the most important steps out of the way, plan food and activities. If you’re having games such as balloon toss or a face painting station, make the correct arrangements and include the activities and times on your map. Food is another thing that will need some attention to detail. Keep it simple, unless you’re looking to impress the Joneses.

Send out invitations including the map made that shows all the neighbors who are participating, the activities and food and the times.

You can create really cool maps to include in your invitation. Use Google Maps or Google Earth Pro (now free) to create a template of the neighborhood. Google Earth allows you to add graphics that will make it exciting. Nonetheless, you want to have a visual so people will get excited.

Now that we’ve given you the tools to keep you organized, there’s only one thing left to do. Go have fun at your neighborhood block party!

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