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Great Social Activities for Young Kids

All kids will benefit from social activities, but it can be especially difficult for parents to choose appropriate pursuits for young children. The level of involvement will depend on the age of the child and it’s best to engage in non-competitive activities for very young children.


Team sports such as pee-wee baseball are typically one of the first organized sports that parents turn to in their quest to socialize their child and set them on a path to extra-curricular activities that will hopefully lead to college benefits. Team sports are an excellent way for kids to learn to work together and to do so toward a common goal.

A sport of any kind demonstrates by example how to be a good sport if the team loses and not to be braggarts when they win. Kids learn about practice and commitment, time management, and hard work. Through trying, even if they fail, they develop confidence in themselves.


Whether kids are enrolled in ballet, tap, swing, or interpretive dance it’s an activity that essentially teaches youngsters the same lessons as sports. It also has some additional benefits that include better balance and self-discipline, along with problem solving skills and perseverance. Dancers learn that there’s always someone better than they are at a particular skill, not to take it personally, and to keep trying.

Martial Arts

A dojo is a great place for youngsters to begin learning lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime. The first is that learning is a lifelong endeavor and even small, incremental improvements produce long-term results. The discipline helps kids focus, concentrate, and they have better balance and control.

Respect, humility, discipline, and mastery of one’s self are all emphasized. Youngers discover that nothing is attained without a certain amount of risk and that adversity is overcome through mental strength and fortitude. Kids also find that there are no shortcuts to true success and not to compare themselves to others.

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