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A Backyard Water Slide Can Save a Summer Birthday

Inflatable Waterslide

It can extremely difficult to plan birthday entertainments for tweens and teens. They’re at an age where they want adult style activities and aren’t typically fans of themed parties. That’s where an inflatable water slide can turn the tide to create a stand-out birthday bash. The wide range of available water slides makes them equally appropriate for adults and younger children.

There’s a water slide to accommodate any age group. Individuals can choose from a wide range of themes to thrill and delight younger children and water slides with multiple lanes are available to facilitate friendly competitions.

Varying heights are offered, from models with an 18-foot drop to those with a 40-foot drop. For little tykes, individuals can choose models with a 13-foot slide and unique ladder that’s easy for small children to climb. There are also water slides that will deposit partiers directly into an inground pool.

Inflatable water slides are highly portable and can be set up almost anywhere there’s enough room. The rental company drops it off, picks it up, and performs all the set up and the variety in waterslides is enormous. There are more than 70 models from which to choose and they’re an unexpected treat that guests won’t anticipate. There are endless ways to have fun with a backyard water slide.

A waterslide provides a way for party-goers to stay cool and refreshed during the hot days of summer. An added benefit is that the vinyl is soft, so even if a guest bangs up against the sides, they won’t sustain a serious injury – an important feature, especially for children’s parties.

Waterslides are an affordable option for injecting an extra level of fun into any event. Summer parties are typically held outside and when people get hot and sweaty, they get cranky. Party guests that are cool and feel refreshed have more fun.

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