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Things to Consider when Renting an Inflatable Besides Cost

Inflatable entertainments offer hours of fun for kids and adults. Individuals often look at the cost of the rentals as a primary consideration, but there are numerous other factors to think about. The following are other essential considerations of which individuals should be aware of before deciding on a rental company.


The safety of the inflatable and users should always be the No. 1 priority. Individuals should receive operating instructions and a list of safety precautions pertaining to occupancy and usage. The equipment should have no signs or wear or patches.


Rigorous anti-bacterial and anti-viral cleaning should be standard procedure after every rental is returned to the company to prepare it for the next person. When the inflatable is delivered, a company employee should have additional cleaning supplies on hand. Don’t be afraid to ask the company what sanitation procedures and precautions they employ, along with the frequency.

Delivery and Pick up

The rental company should provide delivery and pickup services, along with a complete setup. An inflatable should be user-ready when he/she is done.

Set Up Location

Individuals renting an inflatable should know how much available space they have in which to set up the inflatable. Each inflatable has specific space requirements and may not be appropriate for every location. Trees, stumps, gravel, roots and stumps will have an impact on the set up location. Be sure and let the company know about any narrow gates or access points, along with potential obstructions.


Another concern is underground utilities. The rental company will need to anchor the inflatable to the ground and that requires knowledge of where underground utility lines run. The company will need to send someone to stake out the lines and mark them before the inflatable can be installed.


Every inflatable should have ample supervision, especially when children are using it. Individuals should find out if the rental company provides an attendant or if a responsible adult will need to be assigned to perform the task.

Safety Reviews

It’s always a good idea to take the time to investigate and read user reviews about the company and specific products they offer.


If an accident or injury occurs to a guest or the person delivering the inflatable, it may or may not be covered by a homeowner policy. The same is true for businesses and other organizations that rent the equipment for fundraisers and similar purposes. Before renting any inflatable, find out if accidents and injuries are covered for inflatables and/or the rental company’s liability responsibilities.

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