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Teach Your Kids To Set Goals

Every parent wants their kids to succeed. However, most children are not very focused and they tend to lose interest in things as often as they change clothes. Setting goals are one of the ways a child, or anyone for that matter, can achieve anything in life.

So, how do you get your kids to set realistic goals and stick to them?

Let them choose

Nothing is worse than trying to force something down your child’s throat. As much as you may want to live vicariously through your child, let them live their own lives. Most kids know what they want at least in the foreseeable future and that’s all you need to set goals. Ask them what they want, write the goals down and start from there.

Break the goal into small tasks

Getting an A, winning a science fair trophy or becoming a football champion are all achievable goals. However, a lot of time and practice has to go into it and that can be discouraging to kids. Break down the goals into small achievable tasks and celebrate every task that they knock down. As long as the child is feeling they have achieved something and they are getting closer to their goal, they will stay motivated.

Discuss the obstacles

Nothing worth its salt comes easy. In fact, things that are worth it are very hard to achieve. Let your child know that they will face obstacles before achieving their set goals. Ask them what they will do when they face certain obstacles. Give them solutions if they don’t have any or nudge them in the right direction. Having a plan ahead of time will prepare the child so they won’t be thrown off when the obstacle comes.

Be an example

One of the most effective ways to help your child set and keep goals is to lead by example. Kids do what parents do, not what they say. Be someone who follows through on everything and involves the family on where you are going and what you want to achieve. Once in a while, sit down the child and give them a story of that one goal you thought was impossible but you achieved it and give them the plan you used.

Set deadlines

As long as there is no time limit to doing something, procrastination tends to thrive. Human beings work best under pressure so it is necessary to put a time frame on everything you do. Once you have broken down the big goal into small tasks, put a deadline on every task and follow through to see that the task was done.

The secret to helping kids achieve their goals is to have them set realistic and specific goals that they are passionate about. You should also applaud and reward them as they get closer and closer to their goal and be an encouraging parent rather than a nagging one. Sometimes kids just want to feel supported and noticed and working on their goals with them is a great way to do that.

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