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End the Summer with a Giant Waterslide

A giant waterslide is a perfect way to end the summer season before kids return to school. It’s fun, affordable, and there’s a water slide for every age group. It’s a great way to throw an end-of-season party for friends and family that will be remembered into the school year even while children are learning the alphabet, conjugating verbs, or solving algebraic equations.

South Florida Bounce has the largest inflatable water slides available. Coming in at 40 ft. tall, the Typhoon or the Hurricane offers two-lane, side-by-side fun. The Twister is also 40 ft. tall and features a curve for additional enjoyment.

The available water slides encompass heights of 30, 35, 36 and 38 for the daring and some end with a pool at the bottom for an additional splash. Multiple brightly colored themes are offered that includes the Hulk and the Space Shuttle.

A myriad of mid-size options are available, ranging from the Tropical Cyclone, Captain America and Hoover Dam to the Log Flume, Tsunami, Pipeline and MudSlide, all at 30 height. They’re offered in single and multiple lanes for competing with friends. Water slides with heights of 18, 20, 22, 24, and 25 ft. can be customized and combined with complementary add-ons that include an obstacle course for even more fun.

There are plenty of water slides for the younger generation, too. It’s easy for kids to spend the entire day playing, sliding, and splashing down a 13 ft. tall water slide. It contains a unique ladder that makes it easy for little ones to scramble up to take their turn on the slide over and over.

There’s nothing quite like a water slide to bring people together. It’s an easy and affordable way to create a unique celebration before school starts. An added advantage is that no one has to drive long distances to have a great time.

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