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Why Include an Inflatable for Your Tween’s Party

Everyone knows how popular inflatables are for younger children, but they’re equally applicable for tweens. There’s a wide range of inflatables that can be rented, including those to delight tweens. The selection of modern inflatables enables parents to throw a tween party that will be a treasured memory for years to come.

Pure Joy

Anyone that’s ever watched a youngster of any age play on an inflatable knows the look of indescribable joy that comes over a child’s face.


Renting an inflatable for home use saves parents money and enables them to customize the celebration to their child’s particular interests.


Holding a tween party with inflatables at home is far more convenient than trying to book a local venue and there’s less for parents to worry about. The inflatable company provides everything needed, delivers the selected amusement and returns to pick it up.


The selection of inflatables has progressed far beyond simple bounce houses. Individuals now have inflatable wet and dry water slides, mazes, obstacle courses, interactive sports, and human-sized lawn games. Virtual and mechanical games can also be selected and they’re available in multiple themes.

Health Benefits

Running, jumping and competing against friends with inflatables is an excellent aerobic workout. It strengthens muscles, stimulates the circulatory system, and enhances the respiratory system. Inflatables also stimulate the brain and memory. Tweens that typically prefer more sedate activities can’t resist the lure of an inflatable.


Even shy tweens will be drawn out of their shell when they encounter an inflatable and will be eager to join in the fun. Inflatables encourage social activities encompassing talking and laughing with peers, empathy and sharing.

Stress Relief

Tweens feel stress just as acutely as their parents. The opportunities offered by inflatables provides tweens with a fun, safe and acceptable means of releasing that stress.

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