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Health & Fitness Made Fun

Health and fitness are two of the most important things you can teach your children today. With childhood obesity being at the forefront of every child physician’s to-do list for a cure, it makes sense to educate our youth on how to combat such things. With our latest series of blogs, we focus on how you can teach your kids about health and fitness that will have you bouncing for joy!

Just about every ‘Mommy Blogger’ in South Florida is reading this post by now saying “Hmmm, maybe I should do that topic too.” Why? Because as responsible parents know, we have to combat our kids with tools they can use while we aren’t there. Kids either like things like sports, or they don’t. Either way, there’s most likely a program that is right for your child that can help them boost metabolism. Find things such as little league organizations and indoor parks that can help your child to become more active.

Limit the time spent gaming and get them outdoors to celebrate fresh air, along with strong muscles. Children tend to stay indoors way too much these days. It just makes sense to get them outside where they can enjoy a solid foundation of living well. Some things you can do to get your kidlets off the couch and motivated:

  1. Take the Stairs Whenever You Can
  2. Walk with Your Kid to the Store
  3. Ride Bikes Together
  4. Visit Indoor Gyms & Yoga Events
  5. Look for Recreational Activity that Involves MOVING

Instruct Your Child on How to Select Healthy Foods

Your children distinctively know the difference between eating marsh mellows versus yogurt. But, it’s up to you to further their education when it comes to making healthy food choices. Introduce them to colorful veggies. Show them how to tell if something is full of GMO’s or food preservatives and then tell them the truth about such things. The more you expose them to, the easier it will be passing on stuff like sugar and soda. In addition, look for venues where kids can make their selections in a simple way. Even places like fast-food are including apples and other garden veggies to their meals.

These tips will help to keep your kids fit as well as in better health. The more they learn at a younger age, the better their chances are avoiding disease like childhood obesity. Hope you found this article enlightening. We’ll see you soon!

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