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Parent Teacher Fundraising the South Florida Bounce Way

It’s safe to guess that every school year can be filled with lots of fun and activities filling up the calendar. If you have the honor of serving on the board or committee that’s involved with planning events, then this blog is for you. We want to give you a plethora of tricks to store in your fundraising toolbox that will keep things bouncing as well as have the kids wanting more.

Fundraisers don’t just have to be carnivals. Although the school carnival or bazaars are some of the most memorable, they’re not the only sure fire to raise money. On the contrary to the memories, things like restaurant fundraisers, Family School Nights and Auctions have become more popular over the years. In other words, don’t box yourself into thinking there’s only one type of fundraiser. Visit places like Pinterest to get in depth ideas with all the details if you’re in a rut.

Next, if you’re raising money for a cause, be sure to have a dollar amount in mind and set this as the school’s goals. Keeping a mile mark in the front of the line can help lead the others to be motivated and wanting to attend.

Use Choice Boards as a way of getting your student body to be involved. Give them choices for committees to belong to, such as clean up committee, set up, facilitators, and student body council. This idea will not only help you to get things done, but it will also ensure kids will feel they are relevant to the cause.

If you’re looking for an easier method than throwing a big ole celebration, then consider doing a candy drive or some other sales event where the kids will raise foundation funds. Large enterprises such as See’s Candy and Krispy Kreme has excellent ways to build your teams dollars. You’ll, of course, must contact them directly for more details.

We love the idea of facilitating a Pancake Breakfast or a Family School Night. Of course, you can plan a Pancake Breakfast anytime of the day or night but most likely would be on a morning weekend. With Family School Night, you can expect a big screen movie showing along with popcorn sales and have the parents and kids wear pajamas! With nighttime attire, both parents and kids can jump into bed right after the film.

These are some of the less obvious ways to build a trust for your school or board. By thinking outside of the usual, you can learn a lot of ridiculous ideas. Of course, you can always call us for making your party spectacular!

Catch you next time!


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