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Tips for Planning a Family Reunion

A family reunion is the perfect occasion to catch up on what families are doing, let cousins get reacquainted, and visit with far flung relatives. The gathering can be held in the back yard or at a posh venue. A successful gathering will depend on proper preparation long before the event takes place. Some family reunions are one-day events, while others take place over an entire weekend. Decide on duration early.


The number of attendees will dictate location. That’s why it’s essential to send out notification of the event early. Even a year before hand isn’t too early. Once everyone has responded, it will be easy to plan everything from the location to the food.

Activities and Amusements

While many attendees will want to spend their time talking and taking photos, it’s always a good idea to include some games and activities. It can encompass simple games such as horseshoes, a bean bag toss or a scavenger hunt. A game of baseball may be welcome.

Individuals can even choose to offer dancing. Portable dance floors can be rented and music can be provided via a band, DJ or through streaming a mix list.


A catered event will eliminate headaches about the menu, but it can also be expensive. Many families take a potluck approach. It’s an opportunity for family to share their favorite dishes or award-winning recipes.

Pot luck meals work if attendees are fairly local, but extra food will need to be arranged to accommodate appetites if long-distance relatives will be in attendance. Don’t forget to ascertain if anyone is vegan or has food allergies and share that information with others if a pot luck is planned.

Tables and Chairs

Ample seating and table space is critical, not only for a place to place the food, but for people to sit and eat. A rented venue will take care of those needs, but it’s something to consider if it’s a less formal environment.

Comfort and Weather

Storms and squalls can blow in at any time. Events at indoor venues provide shelter in the event of a storm and air conditioning for relief from the hot and humid summer weather. If the event isn’t at the host’s home or a rented venue, plan on renting tents and a portable air conditioner for the tent.

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