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6 Halloween Party Ideas for Teens and Tweens

Many parents are choosing to host Halloween parties as a safer alternative to crowds of little ghosts and goblins. It’s also an opportunity to fulfill older youngsters’ desire for a spookier experience than trick-or-treating can deliver. Don’t forget to include a photo booth to capture a memento of the event for guests and a fog machine to set the mood.

Scary foods are a must, like eyeballs (peeled grapes), breadstick “snakes,” jack-o-lantern faced cookies, banana ghosts on a stick, and “mummy” hotdogs. Another good snack is witch’s fingers.

Monster Music Bash

The potential playlist of Halloween and monster related songs is almost endless. Compose a playlist of perennial favorites encompassing tunes such as Monster Mash, Somebody’s Watching Me, Enter Sandman, and Time Warp. A sure hit with everyone is Thriller and Ghostbusters. You can also hire a DJ.

Haunted House

You can decorate your own home, turn your back yard into a scary graveyard, or take guests to one of any number of haunted houses being conducted. For home parties, choose a soundtrack of creaky doors, screams and similar sounds.

Scary Movie Screening

There’s no shortage of scary films to watch in celebration of Halloween. Choose age-appropriate films. Guests can dress as their favorite spooky movie character.

Costume Contest

Set the stage for multiple categories in a costume contest. Prizes can be awarded for the most inventive, scary, funny, original costumes and more.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

The premise is the same as a traditional scavenger hunt, but with Halloween flair. Hide eyeballs, spiders and similar items for guests to uncover.

Tell Your Fortune

Fortune tellers are great fun for youngsters and adults. Hire a fortune teller to come and read the palms of guests. If you know someone who is a good actor and is unknown to guests, you can hire them to give fun, positive readings.

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