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Shade is a Must for Your Outdoor Summer Event

Summer is a time for a wide range of gatherings ranging from birthday parties to family reunions. It’s the season for sharing fun with friends and families and shade is an essential element for your events during the hot, humid and rainy weather in South Florida.

Everyone needs a way to get out of the hot summer sun and cool off. That’s especially true for young children and the elderly. It takes very little time for someone to succumb to heat exhaustion, even when they’re staying hydrated. Many people don’t even realize they’re experiencing the symptoms of a life-threatening condition until it’s too late.

A canopy or tent is the ideal solution for your outdoor event. Even if you have large shade trees, it may not be sufficient. Canopies and tents prevent the sun from beating down on guests and they provide protection should a rainstorm develop. There are even air conditioning options made specifically for tents.

A canopy is a good choice, especially if it can be erected under the shade of a tree for added protection. However, the problem with canopies is that they provide overhead shade only. As the sun moves across the sky, it can begin to shine in from the ends or sides. If it starts to rain, guests will get wet from precipitation blowing in on the sides.

A tent with roll-down sides provides the most effective and all-around best solution for shade. The sides can be left up to let a cooling breeze in or the flaps can be deployed if it rains and guests will stay completely dry. A tent can also be air conditioned for an elevated level of comfort.

No matter what option you choose, shade is imperative for your outdoor summer event. No one likes getting hot and sticky at a social gathering. Canopies and tents are an affordable solution that will keep guests cool, comfortable and ensure they have a good time.

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