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Family Reunion Fun Time in South Florida

Drive through just about any neighborhood park or recreation center, and you’ll see the groves of people hanging out, grilling and having fun. In addition to the community, the beaches are full of families who are celebrating their togetherness. One thing sure is South Florida is full of family events including reunions and why shouldn’t it be? With warm weather, plenty of sunshine and beautiful landscape it’s the ideal place for every type of party. In this blog, we point out some excellent tips for planning your family reunion that will keep you smiling in the sun!

Most reunions tend to be an annual event. But, if this is a new tradition you’re starting, you may want to give you family plenty of time to plan. Preplanning is crucial and applies in particular if there will be people flying in or driving long distances. Contact the local hotels to see if they offer any group discounts. In most cases, they will allow such a thing if there are multiple families lodging at the same time.

Next, plan your reunion carefully. If you don’t want the Hatfields and the McCoys starting family world war III, then be sure to invite those who can attend in harmony. In many instances, these are family gatherings that allow families to reconnect and that’s the whole idea.

In addition to your guest list, be sure to plan a great meal with all the fixings. Be sure to consider religious and food preferences as not everyone enjoys the same types of diet.  A great place to find excellent recipes for these kinds of parties is Pinterest and Martha Stewart’s Online site.

Besides the food, don’t forget games and activities. Keep the party going by offering both kids, and adult themed features such as charades, twenty questions to bounce houses and waterslides. The more thought and planning you do, the more successful your family’s event will become.

For more ideas about planning your next event including fundraisers and church bazaar’s, we’ve got a huge selection of party favors. With a little help and a large selection, you can have the best family reunion yet to come.

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