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Kids Party Trends for 2023

Youngsters can be fickle in their likes and dislikes. Their interests change like an Atlantic breeze. There are some staple themes and ideas that are proving popular in 2023. The key component is anything interactive and that doesn’t necessarily mean electronic entertainment, but it can be a component.

The term interactive play defines the way youngsters interact with each other and their surroundings. They’re so often told in everyday life not to touch things, that giving them objects they can touch, feel and play with will make their eyes light up. Entertainment should be the emphasis at any child’s party.


Consider a rolling game “palace” for teens and tweens. Mobile home sized vehicles can be rented that bring an arcade experience to the front door. They feature hundreds of games from which to choose and touch screens in air-conditioned comfort.

Film Festival

Everyone loves a good movie and the beauty of a film festival party for teens and tweens is that streaming services have many of the must-see films available.

Arts and Crafts

Younger children love to color and that provides a wealth of possibilities. There are dozens of items that offer an opportunity for creativity. They can color or use watercolor paint to decorate party-themed items.

Backyard Carnival

A variety of inflatable carnival games are available for rent that will keep youngsters of any age occupied for hours. Individuals can choose from perennial favorites that include ring toss and balloon pop to basketball throw and ski-ball.


This is a theme that continues in popularity for youngsters of all ages. Bounce houses can be rented for younger children and there are inflatable obstacle courses and challenges for older kids.

Snow Day

An increasing number of parents are opting for a snowy theme for their child’s party. A snow day is something that few South Florida children ever experience. Rent a snow machine to turn a yard into a winter playground. It’s a great way to beat the heat.

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