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9 DIY Halloween Decorations

DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween is always a favorite with children and adults. Whether individuals are distributing candy, hosting a haunted house, or simply setting a sufficiently spooky mood, there are dozens of DIY decorating ideas to suit any budget and time constraints. With a little spray paint, a hot glue gun and other easily obtainable supplies, almost anything can be transitioned into a Halloween decoration.

  1. Straw Spider

A traditional square bale of straw, or a round one, can be used. Spray paint the straw bale or cover it with a black tarp, paint a face with fangs on one end, and use some flexible black hose for the legs.

  1. Straw Bale Creatures

From monsters to mummies, a bale of straw can serve multiple purposes. Create a mummy by wrapping a straw bale in ordinary medical gauze or even strips of thin white cloth. Leave an unwrapped space to adhere large googly eyes and a felt cut-out mouth. To create a straw Frankenstein, spray paint the straw bale green, add googly eyes and a mouth. Spray paint some loose pieces of straw black to use as hair for the monster.

  1. Hand Wreath

Create a spooky door wreath by attaching skeleton hands in a circle against a chalkboard. The hands can be left as is or spray painted. The chalkboard center can be used to write a scary message.

  1. Spider Wreath

Use sticks of varying sizes from the yard and attach them to a circular piece of cardboard. Add faux spider webbing and plastic spiders.

  1. Spiderwebs

Purchase premade spiderwebbing to arrange across decks, porches, trees and bushes in any desired pattern. Attach some plastic or fuzzy pre-made spiders throughout the creation – be sure to use at least a couple of big spiders.

  1. Skeletons

Faux models of skeletal people and animals are available that can be placed in varying poses around the yard, in trees, and on porches in varying poses.

  1. Oh, Rats

Add a few faux rats scattered throughout the pumpkins and other decorations on the deck or porch. They can be used to create a friendly and mischievous appearance or something more menacing. Giant rat cutouts can be created using tag board and placed around the yard.

  1. Bats and Birds

Collect a flock of fake ravens and attach them in various poses on a fence, porch banister or porch railing. Colonies of giant bats can be crafted from black tag board and secured to railings, fences or even the side of a house.

  1. Ghoulish Eyes

Use a permanent marker to draw pupils on varying sizes of white foam balls. Use a skewer, toothpick or stick to hold them together to create a pair of unblinking eyes. They can be placed in trees and on fences, decks, porches – even lawn furniture.

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