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Top 4 Trends for Kids 2017

South Florida Bounce Has the Scoop on the Latest Toys and More

When your children are asking for the trendiest toys or activities, South Florida Bounce has the inside scoop on what’s hot for 2017. These tips might come in handy when you’re looking to find the perfect gift idea for birthdays or if you just want to know if it’s worth the investment no matter the cost. Peek, at what we found when it comes to the Top Trends for 2017.

1st Trend: This trend won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Just a little time is needed when it comes to making a bedroom tent. You can visit your local fabric or craft store and make bed sheets, comforters or duvet covers and then create a matching cover to make a shelter. The tent can go over a bed or sit by itself on the floor. Promote good reading and homework habits by telling your child it’s a study tent! Nonetheless, your kids will love spending quiet time inside their little hideaway.

2nd Trend: Making slime isn’t a new trend. However, it’s still one that is sweeping the interest of kids everywhere. You can find several versions and recipes online on Pinterest to make your gooey fun. Another cool thing is slime isn’t messy at all and can be stored in an airtight container to use for months.

3rd Trend: Kids are joining their parent’s philosophies by practicing yoga and meditation. Now your child’s downward dog and breathing techniques are attributing toward stronger learning and less stress. Many children who have ADD or ADHD are finding the benefits of being mindful and using yoga as a way to exercise.

4th Trend: The orb ball is sweeping the nation, and we see these fun toys is a variety of places from the pool to the park. Many of our outdoor obstacle courses and water slides include orbs as part of the challenge. No matter if your child is using a Water Ball Zorb or inflatable to walk in, these are excellent toys that improve balance and are awesome ways to work out. We can definitely see why kids are so interested in these ultra-cool toys for 2017.

These are a few of the latest fads we thought it would be fun to share. Be sure to check our other blogs for parent tips and party tricks!

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