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Awesome Gifts For Tween Boys

Boys who fall into this age bracket of 8-12 years old are usually a bit complicated. They are in an in-between age where they don’t consider themselves kids anymore, but they still like to play. Getting a gift for this age-group, and especially boys can prove to be a daunting task. These are our top 6 gift ideas for them, which may give you a head-start.

  1. Nintendo Switch

This is a great gift idea. A Nintendo Switch can be used both at home and as a handheld game. It is literally a game on the go, which is fantastic for tweens. At home, it can stand on its own perfectly on its built-in stand and the controls are detachable for playing on the go. It supports popular video games like Zelda, Super Mario, and many others.

  1. Lego Dinosaurs Kit

Lego is loved by boys of all ages. This gift is a great idea for a tween boy as it comes in a 174-piece set where you can build three different types of dinosaurs. Each of these dinosaurs has a different build and anatomy, giving the boys a wonderful opportunity to get those creative juices flowing. It is also a great gift to build their problem-solving skills and technique.

  1. Tipover Logic Game

This game is a fun gift idea as it aids to introduce the player to the laws of cause and effect, as well as spatial relationships. It is a board game whose path is charted by tipping over three different colored crates; green, yellow and blue using a Tipper. However, the catch is to get there without jumping over the crates or touching the game board with the Tipper.

  1. Bean Bag Buckets

This is a fun outdoor or indoor game which is challenging, yet easy to learn. The game pack consists of a game tower with 16 bean bags, 7 buckets, and a carry bag. The game is a 2 or more player. It works by having different players toss the bean bags into the buckets; the more bean bags you toss into your bucket without missing the higher your score. It is easy to dismantle and pack away.

  1. Drones

Drones are very popular and come in a variety of different sizes and difficulty levels. You can set up the camera to record video and take pictures from high above. Flying a drone is an acquired skill so patience is learned in the process as well as the flying skills themselves.

  1. Comics

All boys love to read comics. This is a sure win with any tween boy. Look for age-specific comics that have a continuing storyline to keep them interested. You could get them a subscription to an online comic line too.


These are just a few ideas out of the hundreds out there to gift tween boys. You cannot go wrong with one of these.

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