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Plan Your Party at a Local South Florida Park

When it comes to South Florida, one thing you can bet on is there are a plethora of parks to plan your next party. There’s more than enough of these natural jewels are filled with tropical brush, lots of wildlife and of course plenty of acreages to set up even the biggest events. Planning your party is important especially if you project throwing your celebration outdoors. Here are some tips for you to consider if you are expected to organize at one of the many national parks nature centers.

The first thing you’ll want to do is reserve a pavilion if you plan on hosting a large enough party. Not all parks have pavilions which can make things challenging. Give yourself ample time to locate one of these structures as they tend to get booked very fast. In most cases, there is a cost associated and the fees can vary from park to park.

Next, plan your menu with the idea the food should not carry dairy or anything that can quickly spoil in hot temperatures. Many of the caterers will supply the correct equipment to keep food cold or hot. Be sure to plan accordingly for both grilling’s. Some parks will not allow outside grills so to be sure to call ahead of time.

Once you’ve secured the locations and planned the food, be sure to pay attention to signs for predators. It seems strange to mention such a thing, but we should remember safety first. Snakes and alligators are present in most of the places where these natural parks are built so take the extra precaution necessary to keep friends and family safe.

In addition to the elements at the park, don’t forget to check the weather. We Floridians understand weather can change quickly and we must remember to take care. Be sure there are solid structures or leave the party if it becomes threatening with things like lightning.

Besides the weather, animals and your planning, remember to keep America beautiful and always clean up afterward. While there’s plenty of trash cans and other devices that will help you, do not forget to bring a few extra trash bags and leave the park like it was when you got there.

Don’t forget; we’ve got the best selection of bounce houses and obstacle courses ideal for park settings. We’ll be happy to assist you with the planning.

Be sure to contact us for any further questions on making your visit at the park and planning your gathering a success.

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