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Why Kid’s Love Waterslides in South Florida

When you live in a place such as South Florida, summertime means ‘turn up the heat’! One sure fire retreat we all make is to run for the beach or swimming pool. However, another tool to keep kids pre-occupied while avoiding the meltdown of the summer weather is to indulge in recreational entertainment such as waterslides. Whether you go to a waterslide park or you rent an inflatable for an event, one thing is sure; kids love this type of activity. In this week’s blog, we highlight a few reasons why.

Kids Love Butterflies in Their Tummies!

From the rush of the first leap to the giant splash at the end, kids are just drawn to this type of water sport. In fact, theme parks are busy year around with smiling faces that are making the summer blues diminish. From the Twister to the Hulk, the drops alone make anyone get the butterflies in their tummies. Perhaps this is one of the biggest reasons why kids love to take that leap of fate and enjoy these crazy rides? That churning feeling that is deep inside your stomach tickles! In fact, most people enjoy that thrill, and that could be one of the biggest factors why kids love the waterslide. It’s a rush, and who doesn’t want to indulge in that activity?

Children Can Use their Outside Voices

Next, the reason why kids love water slides is the fact they can let go and be themselves. Children can be loud, scream and use their outside voices rather than having to contain. A waterslide is a place to have crazy amounts of fun, so let the kids ”let loose” and be loud!

Most Children Love to be Social

Other than being loud and juiced up with laughter, waterslides introduce team building and etiquette. Most people want a chance to belong to something. As humans, we enjoy being social and look forward to mingling nine times out of 10. Boys and girls both love the interaction they get from socializing with their best friends and playmates, so a waterslide is an ideal solution to break the ice and let loose!

Parents Love Waterslides Too!

Besides letting go, a waterslide can teach children how to have fun while being courteous. While our kids tend to find new ways to be kind, and hobnob, parents can also keep the company of those around them making waterslides more meaningful for all.

Lastly, the real reason kids love water slides is because of the pure necessity of just having fun!

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