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Top Tech Gifts for Your Tweens

tech for tweens

Tweens can be difficult to buy gifts for or to please. The one thing that you can count on, however, is a tween’s love of technology. There’s a variety of tech-based gift items that tweens will appreciate.

  1. Action cameras are still one of the must-have tech products for adventurous tweens. They can record their own exploits and their friends with hands-free convenience.
  2. Hand-held video games that offer multi-player capabilities are more affordable than console models, they’re portable and available in an array of colors.
  3. For the gaming tween, consider a customized and laser engraved Xbox controller from Microsoft. It’s compatible with multiple devices.
  4. PC gaming headsets are especially popular and there’s a wealth of choices, some of which perform other functions.
  5. Believe it or not, an increasing number of tweens are taking an interest in vinyl. Turntables are available to play vinyl records and also connect to a phone’s playlist.
  6. The interest in drones hasn’t abated and they’re available in a variety of sizes and price points. The built-in cameras allow beginner content creators or influencers to be more creative.
  7. Budding YouTubers will appreciate a webcam for creating and streaming their own videos.
  8. Mini movie projectors enable tweens to watch movies and play video games by turning any wall into a movie screen or computer monitor.
  9. A portable mini speaker lets your tween blast their music at the beach, pool and around the house. Choose a model with a hard-shell case that’s also waterproof.
  10. Tweens are doing amazing things with their phone and novice filmmakers will be able to make smoother and more professional-looking content with a gimbal. Automated models are available with multiple shooting options.
  11. Anytime a tween wants to share a photo memory, they can do so with a mini photo printer for their smartphone.
  12. Consider a digital notebook for the tween that likes to write. Prose can be erased making them reusable.
  13. For the music-loving tween, there are Bluetooth-enabled karaoke microphones and voice mixer combinations that allow them to sing and craft their own sounds.

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