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Tips for A Back to School Party

If you or someone you know has been selected to throw this year’s back to school party then this blog is for you! Seems many of the teachers and school administrators are looking for ways to make their back to school parties a hit. Of course we know that the main goal here is to get our children interested in coming back to school once summer is over. So what better way to do it than with an awesome party that will energize grades K-12? Let’s get started:

First, we want to say that safety is paramount to everything we do, and so should you. Be sure the parents have filled out all forms necessary if you’ll be incorporating bounce houses, waterslides or obstacle courses. Keep these in a locked file and don’t hesitate to make this a priority.

Next: Decorate according to the location of the party. Outdoor themes should have plenty of balloons and Streamers, sidewalk chalk is also another great item to have on board.

Don’t forget the Sanitizer: Keep plenty of jugs of sanitizer on board to lower the spread of germs.

Food: Whether you have it catered or your school is supplying, there’s nothing better than items you can eat quickly with your hands. An old standby like hot dogs, hamburgers and even pizza are amongst the favorites with the younger crowds. Don’t forget something sweet such as sno-cones or caramel apples that are great this time of year in Southern Florida.

Remind everyone to wear appropriate clothing to ensure they’re protected from the sun and are comfortable.

The first sign of rain, take shelter immediately. Again, safety is key here.

Organize an interactive game, such as a scavenger hunt. Have groups found items around the school or event area. Make sure a head count is done before and after for accountability.

Don’t stress out. Do meditation, book a massage or just take some quiet time either before the event or after allowing yourself time to unwind. The party should reflect how happy you are to have the kids back and telling them learning is fun as well as important.

Games are the one of the most important elements to any kid party. However, kids in the older age groups such as 13+ do well with our obstacle courses and competing games. Contact us for information on what works best for your event.

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